Your reliable partner in Austria and Poland


The target group of FAH Consulting are SMEs who are interested in expanding their business to Poland or Austria. Due to their size, they cannot or do not want to invest in their own export department or in building their own sales channels. With our knowledge, skills and experience, we enable SMEs to succeed in international markets.


Our focus in Austria is on Upper Austrian companies. In Poland, the geographic focus is the capital city of Warsaw.


Customer benefits and the reason to choose FAH Consulting as your business partner:


FAH Consulting is able to propose the best solution for the customer’s problem (e.g. lack of market knowledge, problems of information acquisition) more efficiently.


The customer benefit is generated as follows:


  • Problem definition: what is the problem? (e.g. lack of market knowledge, problems in obtaining information)
  • Cause analysis: why does the problem exist? (e.g. lack of information sources, lack of time, high market entry costs)
  • Alternative solution: What can FAH Consulting do for you? (e.g. strategic analysis and strategy formulation)
  • Proposed solution: which solution is best for you? (e.g. decision options, support in strategy implementation)


Strategic decisions should be based on an extensive analysis of the available information in order to maintain the highest possible quality.