Our vision:

  We are your first point of contact when it comes to your business relationship with Poland.

Our values:

  • We invest in people and relationships.
  • We take responsibility for knowledge.
  • We create trust.
  • Our service is of the highest quality.
  • We care about our environment and business partners.
  • We offer the highest satisfaction.
  • We are part of technological progress.

Our business idea / mission:

  We offer our customers an all-round service for expansion into new markets in Poland and Austria. With our help, it must be cheaper for the customer to enter the foreign market than if he goes this way alone. This ranges from advice to temporary management.  

Company goal:

  We want to connect (Quality/Scope) our customers from Poland and Austria, support (Costs/Budget) in their expansion plans, and accompany when entering the market (Delivery/Time).