Language and cultural competence is central for being successful in Poland and Austria.

  The cornerstone of FAH Consulting’s business is  
  • language and cultural competence in the company at mother tongue level in Polish and German.
  • knowledge of cultural customs to make it easier to bridge business relations between Austrian and Polish companies.
  • intercultural competence of the company founder through stays abroad in Poland, Switzerland and Germany.
  • The entrepreneurial competence of the founder is based on several years of professional international experience with large international corporations in the areas of production & technology, internal auditing, and IT & supply chain.
  • Knowledge of local business networks
  The core competence of a company is to generate strategic importance from the available resources and the company’s internal skills; thus to generate a valuable benefit for the customer.  

FAH Consulting resources:

  • network and business partners
  • market knowledge
  • personality of the business owner

FAH Consulting capabilities:

  • Language / culture to expand resources
  • professional experience to use resources properly
  • Coordination and structures to use resources efficiently

Valuable benefits for the customer:

  • Market entry with FAH Consulting is cheaper compared to going it alone.
  • A combination of language skills, strategic management, partner and customer network with a simultaneous focus on Poland / Austria is rare.
  • Existing knowledge at FAH Consulting does not have to be painstakingly developed by your own.